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TLoD Membership App:: Anna by Jsstarter TLoD Membership App:: Anna :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 1 12 Anna's Acid knife by Jsstarter Anna's Acid knife :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 0 core form background? by Jsstarter core form background? :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 1 2 potions and gem by Jsstarter potions and gem :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 2 TLoD Membership App:: James by Jsstarter TLoD Membership App:: James :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 2 school art dragon (James) by Jsstarter school art dragon (James) :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 6
story for english (dragons)
Kaybrin walked down a dark path, it was night as it always is on his world. His world has no sun and there are two moons a red one and blue one, the blue one being twice the size of the red. Both made out of glowing crystals.
The world its self is mostly barren with little life. The only source of warmth and light (apart from the moons) are glowing crystals and an occasional lava lake. Most of the crystals are red, orange or a dark purple but you can find a rare patch of blue, green and yellow crystals in secluded areas.
Kaybrin himself is a pure black dragon, which are unique to this world. Pure black dragons are all black from their fur and scales to their flesh and blood. Kaybrin has some fur on his head that’s mostly flat with a bit that sticks up going out in all directions like the rest, its long enough to cover his eyes if it falls in front of it which does not really happen apart from that it’s not that long. He has two sets of horns on his head, his first set comes
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Jesa bell by Jsstarter Jesa bell :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 1 4 turf taker by Jsstarter turf taker :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 0 megs caracter by Jsstarter megs caracter :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 3 4
dragons: chapter 8 something bigger
Chapter 8  
                Something bigger
When Peta, Fred, Larry and Lisa got back their jaws dropped in shock. The whole city was now a ruin, like it had been a war zone. But there were no bodies, no remains of any living creature." W-w-w-What h-happened?"  Fred asked tremoring.
“I don't know. What could have done this?" Peta said confused.
"A dark power that should be locked away forever." A familiar voice said. They all turned to see snow, a white dragon. Standing behind them but she was glowing.
"Snow? What happened? Why are you glowing? Are you dead?" Peta said as she rushed over. Snow sat their smiling a bit, but not much.
"Of course I'm sorry I did not tell you who I really am, the dragon council is just something I do in my spare time, I’m snow one of the most powerful, Est of all the dragons. Sadly I was not here to save the town and it’s too late for this world also." She said.
“Most powerful, Est of
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Zalio by Jsstarter Zalio :iconjsstarter:Jsstarter 0 0
dragons:chapter7 wizard,dragons and a seeing staff
                        Chapter 7
Wizard, dragons and a seeing staff
After a week of traveling they arrive at the castle. It's not what they expected; the castle is clean but seems abandoned. They walk in side and start searching the place, but to their surprise there is nothing out of the ordinary. But as they enter the throne room which is dragon sized, they see what looks like a wizard siting at the throne. He stands up, the wizard is wearing a black cloak and black leather gloves and in his hand he holds a staff. The staff looks like it is made of a brown metal with a glowing green orb that looks like an eye staring at them, slowly moving its gaze to each of them one by one.
"HEY YOU, DID YOU ATTACK OUR TOWN?" Larry yelled. The staff’s light fell on Larry.
"Well yes and no after all I did not go myself ". The wizard said happily.
"So that's the guy we have to kill? Great!!!!" Lisa said pulling out her sword.
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dragons: chapter 6 a quest
Chapter 6
                         A quest
3 years and 7 months later at the guild hall Peta, Fred , Larry and Lisa  sat at the table dividing up the pay from there last job. Just then smoke started to appear in the centre of the room and took the form of Dominic's head. This was new and big, no one knew what this was about and why this was happening.
"Ok every one. We have some problems that need to be solved" Dominic's head said loudly. Ever one in the room was full of mixed emotions, wondering what this was about.
"I have just gotten information that the town is going to be attacked in 2 days by an un-dead army, so I need every one to get ready for the attack starting now." As soon as Dominic said now everyone got up and started running around franticly. "Tom, Peta, Fred, Larry, Lisa. Can I talk to you for a minute" Dominic said. The 5 of then went over to the floating head and waited to hear what he was going to
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dragons:chapter 5 lets try to remember
Chapter 5
             Let’s try to remember
It's about mid-day and Peta is walking home after doing the shopping. The air is warm with some clouds; I guess that's the normal weather here. Peta for no reason at all takes a breath out slowly and deeply, but it's cold and icy.
"That's strange... But familiar" Peta said to herself than a roar came out from the nearby mountain, the wind picked up rapidly and people stated running.
"What’s going on?" Peta asked a person running by.
Without stopping he said one thing "DRAGON". The word reminded her of what she was but what about the others? (Plus the event also reminded her, why because if it was just the word dragon the guild name would do it.) Peta ran home to see Tom and the others leaving. Without saying anything they grabbed Peta and dragged her along. By now a white air dragon was over the town... The air streams coming from the dragon were fast and precise, buildings exploding and getting
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dragons: chapter 4 the guild called dragons
Chapter 4
            The guild called dragons
The guild dragons is well known for its knowledge about dragons. It runs a few different jobs, town hall, police force, deals with mythical creatures that Causes problems and can take job requests, well some. There are two request boards, one only for guild members that's inside the guild and the other is for everyone else, it's outside the front doors to the guild. Most of the town was looking at the request board.
"What's going on?" Lisa asked.
“Beats me” Peta said. As the for the unknown by the towns folk, dragons had a look at what was making every one interested. It was a piece of paper, an old one at that and it said: A tall spiky circle surrounding a wood sea, at the centre a dome of stone on a lake of fire.
"Not a well-made riddle” Larry said.
"Why is it making everyone interested?" Fred asked.
"Because that's all there is on it and Hi!" Tom said coming up behind them.
“Hi Tom
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Anna Dragon commission by SleepySuika Anna Dragon commission :iconsleepysuika:SleepySuika 5 2 GIFT Anna by Shadow-Arcanist GIFT Anna :iconshadow-arcanist:Shadow-Arcanist 17 6 Anna by NutmegFluff Anna :iconnutmegfluff:NutmegFluff 5 0



TLoD Membership App:: Anna
Mentor: Nero
Ref sheet:… (some info in discription is outdated) 
language: English
other drawings:……
(i asked if these were ok)

so i putting in Anna, her and James usually go places together. she is a little nervous sending the application but is normally very hyperactive, as you can see at the end.(hope i did not forget any thing)
Anna's Acid knife
Anna usually has 2 acid knifes with her, which were given to her by sparc.
the metal is extremely strong. when the button is pressed the entire surface of the blade
is covered in a highly corrosive acid, the acid is kept on the blade by magic so none of
it drips off.   
core form background?
the back ground of a picture i did for art half way throught the year. the front picture was an edeted version of me self, not to confutble with puting a photo of my self up at the moment. espeshaly because it did not tern out near how i wanted it and maybe spoiler kind of stuff...
potions and gem
iv been reeding though the dungons and dragon books and desided to try drawing what iv drawn. there not neserseraly conected to it just gave me the idea. the middle one was free hand while the other 2 were using rulers
testing making a streem if any one whats to wach they can…

you will have to right in the code to
code: 242-780-030

(might put it back on another time)


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